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Our Awesome Junior Dragons Martial Arts Classes Are Specially Developed For Children 7-12 Years

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Bristol Martial Arts Academy
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Our Junior Dragons Classes Can Help Your Child Will Improve In The Following Key Areas:

Confidence & Self-Esteem, Respect, Fitness, Self-Discipline & Goal Achievement

Our Junior Dragons Success For Life classes will help your child on their journey to reach their true potential. The programme is specially designed to shape your child’s mindset towards health and fitness

At the same time, they will have an awesome time building important life skills that will make them a stronger person as they make their way in the world

Confidence & Self Esteem

Confidence and Self Esteem play a massive part in your child’s life and our classes are the right environment to help fuel their confidence and self esteem so they can lead happy and fulfilling lives

The Power of Praise

Our certified black belt instructors are specially trained to recognise, praise and encourage your child, to provide them with a sense of accomplishment and in turn increasing their confidence and self esteem

The children never get bored or start to drift, because we keep the energy up in each class and to always look for the positive to get the best out of every child in every class

Parents regularly comment on how this passes through into their home life and school work

Respect For Themselves & Others

Respect is a core value in our Junior Dragons Programme

Whether they are taking a bow or waiting patiently for the next set of instructions, the traditional nature of martial arts will help your child build respect for themselves and their training partners


Self-Discipline helps your child to make good choices regardless of how they feel

Kids who have Self-Discipline can cope with uncomfortable emotions in a healthy way and are able to control impulsive behaviour and anger much easier

Fitness & Well Being

Each class will give them a great workout, improved endurance and also strengthen their muscles through specially designed flexibility techniques

Learning The Value Of Hard Work & Goal Achievement

Right from the very first class, your child will be set goals & will work towards achieving them…

Goal achievement is the bedrock of all champions, and when your child faces challenging times, they are reminded of their goals and how to work towards hitting them

Through our belt ranking system, your child will be given regular stepped goals to aim for. In order to achieve their next belt level, they have to work hard and be dedicated. It will take a little time and also patience

All This Together With Our Awesome Black Belt Comic Series Specially Formulated & Designed For All Our Junior Dragons


Bristol Martial Arts Academy
252 Central Park
Off Petherton Road
Hengrove, Bristol, BS14 9BZ

Call Us: 0117 463 1369

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