Bristol Martial Arts Academy Hosts Cynthia Rothrock

Hey everyone! Last night was INCREDIBLE as we hosted the amazing Cynthia Rothrock for an unforgettable 2-hour seminar! 🔥

Cynthia brought her A-game, leading interactive sessions, providing hands-on demonstrations, and answering questions, making this seminar an engaging and personalised experience for everybody! 🙌

🥋 With black belts in seven martial arts styles and decades of experience, Cynthia also shared invaluable insights into her training methods, and the secrets behind mastering martial arts.

…Did you know she’s starred in over 60 films alongside legends like Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, and Michelle Yeoh? 🎬 And who could forget ‘Sonya Blade’ in Mortal Kombat? Yep, inspired by none other than Cynthia herself! 🎮

It was truly an honour for all our members to learn from one of the greatest martial artists of all time! 👊

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